Wood Workshop

Group description
Dette er gruppen, hvor du kan få stillet dine kreative lyster i træ.
Vi har lokale i center 3, stuen. Her kan du finde næsten alt hvad hjertet begærer i værktøj til dine projekter.
Kontaktperson: Se bagest i “Det Sædvanlige Fis”.
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Facebookgruppe: Morbærhavens sløjdgruppe.
The statutes was approved on the joint meeting of October 20th 2022

§1 The purpose of the Wood Workshop is to provide appropriate facilities for residents of Morbærhaven, where there are the necessary machines and tools to facilitate most common wood crafting projects.

§2 Any resident of Morbærhaven can become a member of the group, by attending an official group meeting.

Stk. 2 All members of the craft group can get a key to the group's premises once they have completed a course in the correct use of the machines.

Stk. 3 Absence from meetings, without cancellation either personally to a contact person, via email or in the Facebook group no later than the start of the meeting, 6 times in a row, will result in the key being deactivated. This never happens without informing about it. If a key has been deactivated, the right to a key can be regained in the same way as when it was first obtained. If a cancellation is given, one can abstain from official meetings for a maximum of half a year before the key can be deactivated in the same way. Here too, information about this is provided, and access to the key can be regained in the normal way.

Stk. 4 A member without a key can be let into the group's premises by a key-bearing member. The key-bearing member is responsible for the use of the premises and must be present as long as the premises are in use. However, it is reasonable to leave the premises for a few minutes to open up for members, but if the area is left, it should be shut down. The area should never be left without at least one key-bearing member present if a non-key-bearing member is in the process of using the group's machines. If the premises are left in violation of these rules, the key will be deactivated, and the member will bear some responsibility if any damage occurs in the premises.

Stk. 5 The group does not operate with loan keys, and a member's personal key should never be lent out. If you lend your key, it will be deactivated, and you will be held responsible for whatever might have happened in the premises, if damages or similar occur.

Stk. 6 Residents of Morbærhaven, who are not members of the woodworking group, and wish to see the premises outside of the regular meetings, should contact a contact person. You must not let non-members in - or let them use the premises in any way. If you do this, your key will be deactivated and you will be held responsible for any damages. People who do not live in Morbærhaven, as a starting point, may not use the premises, but may be allowed to see it, if it is in the company of the contact person or after clear and prior agreement with the contact person. The same rules regarding the key apply here.

§3 Upon arrival at the premises, members are obliged to check if everything is in proper and safe condition. If this is not the case, the group's contact person is contacted immediately and if it is not possible to get in touch with them, the department board is contacted. Moreover, you are encouraged to ensure that the premises are left in a safe condition - that is, close windows, turn off machines, and anything else that may have been forgotten by the previous user. However, you are not expected to clean up or tidy after others.

§4 Upon completion of use, the premises must always be returned in a proper condition.

§5 The group's equipment may only be used by a member of the group once they have been fully introduced to the correct use of the equipment. This is assessed by the group's contact person. Introduction courses will be held in the use of the group's machines, and satisfactory completion of these courses is a requirement for membership in the group, as the machines are expensive and can cause great damage if used incorrectly.

§6 Use of the premises and equipment is at your own risk, and you are liable for damages that are deemed to result from negligent behaviour, or use without permission from the contact person or possibly outright vandalism and indifference. Depending on the nature of the damage, your key access can be revoked, you can be put on probation from the group for a period of time or be excluded for a period or permanently. These cases are attempted to be resolved at a group meeting, but if it is desired to exclude the member for a shorter or longer period or if there are claims for damages, the Estate Board will be involved. A permanent exclusion from the group must be handled at a general meeting.

§7 The premises must be kept tidy and therefore members must always take their finished items home.

§8 It is expected that members treat each other, each other's items, and the premises with respect. At no time should alcohol be consumed, smoking, vaping, or intake of intoxicating substances take place in the group's premises. If one violates this clause, one risks having their key deactivated or being put in quarantine. In the case of consuming alcohol on the premises, or using the premises while under the influence of alcohol, one will be excluded. This will be done in cooperation with the Estate Board. If one consumes any form of intoxicating substances or uses the premises while under the influence, they will be excluded and may potentially face a police report. This will likewise be done in cooperation with the Estate Board.

§9 All use of any kind of open flames are prohibited in the area.

§10 Members must comply with the group's rules at all times, otherwise they risk having their key access revoked.

[End of text.]