Internet and TV

The Internet Connection
About Morbærhavens network
Morbærhaven leverer selv internet til boligforeningens 1064 lejligheder og derved holdes prisen nede på 94 kr. om måneden, hvilket betales over huslejen og kan ikke fravælges.Ved fejl på internettet skal du sikre dig, at fejlen ikke forårsages af dit eget udstyr, såsom trådløs router, kabler osv, You can find a guide of what to do in case of connection issues here.If you still can't access the internet after that, you should contact the administration.Connecting to the Internet
You can connect to Morbærhaven's network and the internet by plugging your computer or other equipment directly into the green network port in the radiator bench.

Netstik i Radiatorbænk

"If you wish to connect multiple devices at the same time, or if you want wireless network (WiFi) in the apartment, you have to invest in a network switch or a wireless router yourself. These are available in many price ranges depending on your wishes and needs. We recommend that you purchase a switch or router that at a minimum supports gigabit connection to get the most out of the network.

Advantages and disadvantages of Morbærhaven's internet.
Morbærhaven shares a common internet access which is currently at 10 Gbit symmetric for the entire housing association. The bandwidth is distributed dynamically, but one can typically expect a 200/200 mbps per lease.
In practice, this means that all computers on Morbærhaven's network are hidden behind a common gateway. This has the advantage that a hacker outside of Morbærhaven does not have direct access to your computer. On the other hand, it also has the disadvantage that your computer's IP address is not directly visible on the internet. Therefore, you do not have the opportunity, for example, to set up your own public web server via Morbærhaven's network.
If you just want to use Morbærhaven's network for streaming, gaming, email, and browsing the web, these limitations are irrelevant to you.

You have the right to and the possibility of establishing your own private internet access. Most smartphones offer internet access via the mobile phone network. In addition, there is an antenna socket (COAX) in each apartment.Through this socket, you can establish your own ADSL connection with any commercial internet provider in Denmark.

Such an ADSL connection will be both slower and more expensive than the internet access via Morbærhaven's network. On the other hand, you usually get an IP address that is directly visible on the Internet.
Even though you have the right to set up such a parallel connection, you still need to ensure that you do not open a backdoor for hackers to Morbærhaven's network. It is your responsibility to ensure that your private internet access is properly separated from Morbærhaven's network. If you do not do this, you will be disconnected from Morbærhaven's network.

Support for users of Morbærhaven's network.
If you experience problems with your internet connection provided by Morbærhaven, you should contact the administration via email at or through the other means of contact that you can find here.

Rules, that you must adibe by when using Morbærhaven's Internet.
How to receive TV signal
Morbærhaven receives TV signal (DVB-C) through the (COAX) antenna socket in the living room (In 1½-room apartments, the antenna socket on the 1st floor is disconnected.) from Stofa.
You have to order the TV package through Stofa yourself. You can also set up your own satellite dish (DVB-S), but you must contact the administration for guidance.
With a regular indoor antenna (DVB-T), you can receive DR's channels and some other free channels.
Setting up your own satellite dish
Parabol Would you like to set up your own satellite dish?
There's a right way to do it, and it's not the one you see in the picture next to this.
On the facade above your front door, there is a small white box. Inside it, there's a satellite socket, from which a satellite cable runs down to a socket that is combined with the antenna socket you normally use.
It is important that you contact the administration before you set up the satellite dish.
It matters how and where it is mounted.